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  • South Austin Brewing Co Grand Opening Shindig

    S o the folks over at SABC are pouring beers and ready to open the doors to the throngs of Austin beer lovers Saturday, February 11. From the horse’s mouth: uth Austin Brewing Company announces the Grand Opening party of Austin’s newest craft brewery. Saturday […]

  • Birds and Shiner Team Up to Cut Hairs, Quench Thirst

  • Saint Arnold Pub Crawl

    It’s time for another Summer Pils pub crawl brought to you by our friends at Saint Arnold. We had a great time last year and even got to make fun of craftaustin for wearing jeans out to a pub crawl in the middle of the […]

  • SXSW Better Beer Parties

    As you know this week there’s a thing called SXSW in town- you may like it or you may not; but we can all agree everyone loves a free party and free beer! Especially Texas Craft Beer! For you out of towners welcome to Austin, […]

  • Over a Pint wt Jeff Young and Chris Booth of Black Star Co-op

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder, yeah? Well, Over a Pint has been on a hiatus, but now it’s back. Huge thanks to JIB for coming back from Hawaii, surviving having a kid, and now making time to do some videos. So we recently had […]

  • I Haz Homebrew: Brewing a Simple Extract Batch Pt 1

    It’s been quite sometime since I last brewed a batch of beer using malt extract, but it is by far the easiest way to make homebrew and for most people it remains their first introduction to the hobby. Once you find out how easy it […]

  • Belgian Beer Week at Draught House

    Draught House will be putting on Belgian Beer Week this week. Looks like they'll be pouring some tasty beverages. Also cheese and free glasses. Fingers crossed for some awesome globes and goblets. Sounds awesome. From the horse's mouth: Hello beer fans, tomorrow (7/18) starts Belgian […]

  • Because You Like Beer You Like… SXSW

    I am a music fan. I’m lucky enough to live in Austin where we are so proud of our music scene that we declared ourselves the Live Music Capital of the WORLD! Aside from all of the bands that come through town or live here and […]

  • Beer Connoisseur Party Recap

    Beer Connoisseur magazine held a party at the home of Independence Brewing Company on Saturday, February 27 for the launch of the second issue of their publication. Some bloggers may have beaten us to the punch with a recap first, but how many had VIDEO?!?!

  • Over a Pint Episode 17 wt Black Star Co-op Podcast

    Welcome to Over a Pint episode 17. We recently got a chance to sit down with Steven Yarak, Jeff Young, and Karrine Karen Thornblom of Black Star Co-op. We talked for a while. Over 15 minutes. We posted the first ten minutes here. We’ll post the B […]