Austin Beer Guide Spring Issue Release Party at Black Star Co-op


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That’s right, you read the post title correctly, we have a new issue coming out shortly (they’re quarterly and correspond wt the seasons, if you haven’t noticed).

We’re all real excited about this issue. It’s got action, adventure, romance, horror, comedy, beer news, brewmors, lots of food content (we almost called this the food issue), and of course, guide-y type stuff you’d expect from a publication calling itself a guide.

This one means we’ve lasted a year and what better way to celebrate than to celebrate. So come join us and our friends at Black Star Co-op at their place, Black Star Co-op, Monday, April 2 at 6pm.
And to top it off, we collaborated with Brewer Jeff Young to put together some special casks for the occasion. On Monday, you’ll be calling him DJ Jazzy Jeff Young, cause he’ll be dropping the Mad Beetz cask we collaborated with him on. Mad Beetz is Black Star’s High Esteem with a healthy dose of beet juice and peppers- an original idea behind the baby geniuses that brought you Austin Beer Guide and those darn confusing #Brewmors!

The second cask is just a lot of hops; we’re calling it Hop Safety Net or ‘Where’s my theme music? *slam dunk*!’ (this second title will make more sense once you hear the podcasts we recorded wt DJ Jazzy Jeff Young recently).
Oh, and to top off the top off, if you buy either of the cask beers, they’ll be sold in our original one of a kind Austin Beer Guide #Brewmor Glass, YOURS TO

KEEP! Still confusing, but you can drink out of it!
So to sum it all up:

  1. new Spring Issue
  2. we’re real excited
  3. launch party Monday, April 2 at 6pm at Black Star Co-op
  4. two original collaboration casks
  5. buy a cask beer keep the new Austin Beer Guide #Brewmor Glass
  6. it’ll be beer’tastic!

Check out the Facebook event here, if you’re into that kind of thing…