Because You Like Beer… You (May) Like Running

As you may or may not know, the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon and Half Marathon is this weekend, and I’m happy to say my wife and I will be two of the 12,000 half marathoners (plus 6,000 marathoners) running the streets of Austin Sunday.

I have a feeling a lot of those runners love their beer. And despite what the TV may have told you, plenty of them are reaching for a craft brew. Craft beer and running, along with an abundance of outdoor activities, seem to go hand in hand.

Just ask the Beer Runner, who is more than a third of the way through his quest to run and drink a beer for 365 consecutive days, those runners who have waited in line to get a beer from Hops & Grains following the Rogue Raffler events, or the various clubs that put on pub runs.

A great beer can taste even better after a long run. It also makes an easy reward. I know there are plenty of days where the thought of pint at Billy’s on Burnet or home brew from the fridge is the only thing that keeps me pushing through a sluggish run. On the flipside, running can give great balance to those crazy weeks where you find yourself hopping from one special beer event to the next.

So cheers to all you beer runners, and good luck if you’re running this weekend. I know I’m already contemplating my post run drinking. Cheap Texas pints at Draught House? House beers from Black Star? Something I’ve been holding on to at home? Whatever it is, I know it will be extra tasty after those 13.1 miles.

Already planning your post race beer? We’d love to hear it.